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Nicole's Piercing Boutique  provides Philadelphia area pediatric ear piercing for babies (infants, toddlers & newborns). Our Registered Nurse owned and operated mobile company provides safe, hygienic, comfortable pediatric piercing, as well as piercing services for male and female pre-teens, teens, adults, and special needs individuals.

Pediatric ear piercing options in the Philadelphia area tend to be limited to mall kiosks, tattoo parlors or doctor's offices, and ear piercing for children has been eliminated from 90% of pediatric facilities. Doctor's offices that continue the ear piercing tradition limit their services exclusively to their practice. Parents who desire safe piercing are forced to use inexperienced retail store clerks or tattoo shops, which may or may not be safe, but can also be intimidating for families who have different cultural and religious beliefs.

Nicole's Piercing Boutique is licensed and insured, and we provide pediatric ear piercing in Philadelphia County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania using FDA approved medical piercing equipment. We offer ear piercing for all ages, starting at 3 months, and we specialize in ear piercing for infants and toddlers.

Since our Philadelphia area pediatric ear piercing services are provided by Registered Nurses with 15 years of surgical nursing experience, we incorporate surgical standards into all of our safe, sterile ear piercings for infection prevention, minimum discomfort, and positive client outcome. All in the comfort of your own home!

About Me

As a parent, I wanted the best for my daughter, so I began researching safe, affordable ear piercing options in the Philadelphia area. Options were slim to none, so I decided to start my mobile pediatric ear piercing company in the Philadelphia area as a safe, hygienic option for toddler and infant ear piercing. My high standards for 15 years as a surgical nurse at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital has played a significant role in my business, as I've designed it from a medical perspective to address the health related issues associated with ear piercing, such as infection and transmission of bloodborne pathogens. Nicole's Piercing Boutique can now meet the needs of anyone who prefers ear piercing for their infant or toddler in the comfort of their own home by a Certified Medical Ear Piercer with years of experience as a healthcare professional.


We have several in-home private pediatric ear piercing packages in the Philadelphia area performed by a Registered Nurse, with medical grade options (medical grade plastic or titanium), group/sibling options, and even special events.


5% of the population are born with a nickel sensitivity, and almost 1 in 20 people with pierced ears has some level of nickel allergy or sensitivity that was actually caused by ear piercing. At Nicole's Piercing Boutique we eliminate this risk by using medical grade ear piercing studs that prevent nickel allergies.

“I called Nicole in a panic because I had another company pierce my daughter's ears uneven. Nicole removed the incorrect earring, flushed and cleaned the ear and replaced the piercing in the correct spot. She also gave me a solution that healed my daughter's ears super quick. Thanks to Nicole my daughter's earrings are even.”
— Lori Steinburg

“We purchased Nicole's Birthday Package as a surprise for my 7 year old daughter. She was such a pleasure! Not only was she fun, but skilled and professional. The keepsake gift box and personalized birthday certificate was such a thoughtful gift. We are so thrilled with such an amazing business. My daughter will always remember this moment.”
— Siera Keaton

“Our daughter is autistic and we wanted her ears pierced. I was referred to Nicole's Piercing Boutique from my daughter's pediatrician office. It was the best choice I ever made! My daughter doesn't do well with stimulation and could only tolerate one ear at a time. Nicole pierced one ear then came back two days later to pierce the second ear. Her compassion and customer service are impeccable.”
— Jouslin & Jake Price
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